For Pear

For Pear

By time Management objectives Centralized control measures Composite use Product No
"Dormancy period Germination period " In case Comprehensively judging the conditions at the time of cultivation in the previous year (such as reddish, rough skin, pests, early deciduous leaves, late forces, etc.), planning and execution of soil and fertilizer management after soil analysis Because it is quite often caused by the imbalance of physiological disorder, soil physicality and fertilizer ingredients, it must be checked and must be inspected and the leaves will turn black "pear" (the phenomenon that the pulp becomes hard), " Deformation "(the phenomenon that the surface of the fruit becomes irregular like the skin of the oranges)," honey diseases "" wind disease "(a phenomenon in which a part of the pulp becomes like a sponge), all of soil organic matter, drainage, Growth inhibition, calcium supply problem, etc. 10 24
Before flowering In case Prescription by flower bud quantity, flower bud size "<When many flowers> Energy loss becomes relatively large by flowering, so it is essential to supply high-quality amino acids + minerals that can be utilized immediately. <When there are few flowers> Utilization of preserved nutrients is possible to some extent, and prescription is required to increase the degree of fulfillment of flowers. (Fertilization of good quality amino acid agent) Prescription for improvement of initial pollination and over hypertrophy 12 15
Flowering period In case For fruit production Fruit hypertrophy About 30 to 80% Flowering time Bloom Period ~ Occurrence of anomalous pears suppressed 40 to 60% after full bloom Slight flowering time "Before full bloom, treat hypertrophy for mass production Odd-shaped pear (the lower part of the fruit protrudes) is frequent, prescription for promotion of early cell division. " 12 20
Cell division Cell hypertrophy " In case Management toward promoting cell division toward production of high-yield (immediately after fruiting) Management for promoting medium term hypertrophy Treatment of calcium and boron for cell mitogenesis is essential, in this case there is the advantage of preventing cellular division and physiological disorders at the same time. When treating hormones and other hypertrophy for hypertrophy in the early stage, about 30% additional nutrition management is essential from the usual practice, and the organization becomes precisely when nutrition supply is done normally. 23 18
Coloring period Harvest period " In case Differentiated management for enhancing taste and sugar content and improving color field Differentiation of sugar content is selected and expanded according to pear quality standards, not only the size and shape of the fruit but also a certain standard and sugar content are required, and the color is also the standard of choice of fruits of consumers. Early shipment and export area essential supply request. " 12 20
16 19
After harvest Management for next year The occurrence of pests and physiological disorders this year and other problems must be taken into consideration, especially the strength conservation of fruits is an important matter.Pour organic fertilizer into the field    


"Deformity (a phenomenon that the lower part of the fruit protrudes)

1. When strongly pruning short branches (short branches with fruits)

2. When the nitrogen content is excessive or in abnormal climate

3. When you temporarily take flowers

4. When the amount of sunshine is large during the period from the previous year 9 to October

5. When tree trees are strong

6. When sweet fruit, centering on great results

7. When there is a poor (fruit with flowers stuck in the flower part)

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