Japan Organic Super 3:8:5 Fertilizer

Japan Organic Super 3:8:5 Fertilizer

Our organic fertilizer is produced based on excellent japanese production technology, fermentation technology and strict quality control, and since it is fermenting enough, fertilizer harm does not occur. it exerts its effect on soil improvement, exerts an effect on the growth of all crops and promises a rich harvest.

Main ingredients are organic materials that are gebtle on soil and high fertilizer effect.

It is a pure vegetable organic fertilizer that has been aged and refined with unique technology. It promotes the activation of effective bacteria in the soil, and helps soil improvent by improving microboal density.

When spraying in the field, organic fertilizer absorbs moisture, effective bactwria such as actinomycetes will grow and actvate the plant leading to increased sales.

Our organic fertilizer contains three elements, especially rich in phosphorous, so if you use it for fruit vegetables, the fruit quality improves. It is suitable for original fertilizer.

Its also maintain the pH Lavel 6.5% - 7.5%, which can Improve the Land fertility to Enrich the Plants.

If you are fermenting well enough you can use t for fertilizer. Those with insufficient fermentation will smellammonia, so please use it when using.
When using it as rew fertilizer, scatter it about  1 week before planting, mix well in the soil and use it.

When using it as a fertilizer, drill holes and grooves at the root where the roots grow, such as furrows and stocks, and cover the soil.

Our organic fertilizer promises to contribute to your measures.

It is to sow and the shape is in pellet form so the active ingredient shows immediate effect, slow release, delayed effect and is effective for growing crops.

Frugulant components are decomposed into ammonium nitrate and nitrate in the soil, fertilizer components are easily absorbed by crops.

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Micro Nutrients and Other Standard

T-N Total Nitrogen (N) 2.80%
T-P Total Phosphate (P205) 7.80%
T-K Total Potassium (K205) 5.90%
Mg Magnesium 2.00%
PH pH Level 6.50 – 7.50%
Moisture 18.80%
Coarse Lime 53.70%
Total Lime 21.00%
Harmful Pathogens Not Detected
Granuels Size 3x3 mm

Recommendation of use

Crop Type 1 Acre
Vegetables 300-400 kg.
Fruits 300-400 kg.
Rice Plants 250 kg.
Tea 600-700 kg.
Lawn 150-200 kg.
Flower Plants 300-400 kg.
Soil Improvement 400-100 kg. Or As per soil condition

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